AOC Challenges Depiction of Christianity in Super Bowl Ad

AOC Challenges Depiction of Christianity in Super Bowl Ad

( – A radical Democrat congresswoman has outraged Christians after comparing a Super Bowl ad to fascism. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went on the warpath after the He Gets Us campaign paid for two ads preaching tolerance and inclusivity –- values the left is supposed to support. However, AOC only appears to like tolerance when it’s coming from her side.

On February 12, a nonpartisan Christian campaign group, He Gets Us, broadcast two ads during the Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. The first ad showed children enjoying interracial hugs; the other featured violent scenes subtitled “Jesus loved the people we hate” –- a clear call for more tolerance and less hostility.

Unfortunately, AOC didn’t see it that way. She rapidly responded with a tweet claiming the ads “make fascism look benign” –- although she didn’t bother to explain why the ads were allegedly fascist. It’s safe to say her tweet didn’t get the welcome she was probably expecting.

Republican campaign consultant Nathan Wurtzel quickly turned her words back on her, saying, “Something tells me” Jesus wouldn’t be a fan of many things she’s said or done. Journalist Dan McLaughlin pointed out the irony of “really mad at the ‘don’t hate people’ ad,” neatly putting a finger on why her tweet jarred so badly. Another snarky reply questioned whether she was really saying that “love your enemy” is a fascist slogan, adding sarcastically, “You’re brilliant!”

The He Gets Us campaign is nonpartisan and nondenominational. The group’s website says they just want people to understand “the authentic Jesus as he’s depicted in the Bible.” It’s hard to see anything about the group, its message, or the ads it paid for on Sunday that could possibly offend anyone. Of course, AOC and her radical squadmates don’t really want tolerance –- because they thrive on conflict and division.

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