China Hijacked U.S. Climate Change Agenda

( – China is stepping in to benefit from the environmental agenda put forth by the United States. According to a report from the Heritage Foundation, China is looking into the U.S.’s environmental agenda to see how it can take advantage.

“Proponents of the radical climate change agenda are largely not considering China’s harmful role in it. The more the United States pushes for green energies, the more it becomes reliant on China — our top adversary,” said the authors of the study.

The report was called “Chinese Handcuffs: How China Exploits America’s Climate Agenda” and was written by Erin Walsh and Andrew Harding, both of whom are involved in research at Heritage’s Asian Studies Center as a senior research fellow and research assistant, respectively.

The report stated, “America is an energy superpower, one of the world’s three largest energy producers. Comparatively, China is net energy vulnerable, the world’s largest energy importer.”

They continued, saying that China has been interested in reversing these roles by trying to dominate the “so-called green movement.” The authors also said some people might not be particularly concerned with Beijing, but they stressed that this could cause issues for many countries.

“For the political Left, the imperative to mitigate any effects of climate change necessitates both cheap and subsidized Chinese-manufactured infrastructure in the form of solar panels, wind turbines, grid storage, and electric vehicle batteries,” they wrote in the report.

As of now, China dominates eighty percent of the supply chain and they produce more than ninety-five percent of the solar panels that are purchased by the EU. China also has forty to fifty percent of the global supply of rare elements that are commonly used in green energy. Another tactic China is implementing is selling cheaper products in the market to cut out competition.

China’s tactics could affect multiple countries as many strive for green energy, but Beijing is planning to dominate the space.

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