Assistant US Attorney Known for Blocking Biden Warrants Resigns

( Assistant US Attorney Lesley Wolf, who has been accused of obstructing the investigation against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, left her post at the Department of Justice on December 14. She took the decision after sitting down for an interview with the Congress’ Judiciary Committee.

Wolf, who was interviewed by different lawmakers privately doors for a transcribed interview, attended under a subpoena less than 24 hours after Congress voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry against President Biden. The political effort to oust the US commander-in-chief took place on the same day when Hunter Biden delivered a scorching statement outside the US Capitol but refused to appear for a closed-door interview with Congressmen.

In a letter, House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan told Wolf that she had “specialized” and “unique” information that the Committee was unable to get “through other sources.” According to a Fox News report, Wolf not only resigned from the Justice Department but also stopped being employed in the agency.

Different media outlets pointed out that Wolf was one of the main investigators in the Hunter Biden probe commanded by US Special Counsel David Weiss. On December 8, prosecutors unsealed a new nine-count indictment against the president’s son in Los Angeles on federal tax charges. Hunter Biden was accused of failing to pay his taxes from 2016 to 2019, in addition to tax evasion and filing false and fraudulent tax returns back in 2018.

IRS whistleblower David Shapley had testified that Department of Justice investigators consistently tried to “limit” the questions that some of the investigators could ask about President Biden in his son’s probe. He added that Wolf tried to limit questions that could establish a link between the investigation and the commander-in-chief.

Shapley also suggested the most important points she tried to limit were questions related to a 2017 email about people involved in deals with CEFC China Energy, and Hunter Biden business associate Robert Walker.

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