Chicago Begins Turning Migrant Buses Away

( – According to a Washington Examiner December 12 report, authorities in the Chicago suburbs of Rosemont and Cicero have taken legal measures against bus companies that have been transporting illegal migrants from El Paso, Texas. Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens said in a statement that Rosemont police only allowed illegal migrants to leave the bus and enter the suburbs if they could prove someone was waiting for them. Stephens also said that officers threatened to impound the vehicles and even arrest drivers for endangering the migrants if they let them go out.

As reported by the conservative publication, the Rosemont Village Board is now considering a formal ordinance to legally support the police officers. Cicero went even further and imposed fines for every bus company that allowed homeless migrants to disseminate. The fine was $750 per person.

According to different reports, the response of Cicero and Rosemont suburbs is becoming a trend among many suburbs in the Windy City that are trying to address the influx of illegal migrants. The first suburbs that took a hardline approach to the issue were Elk Grove Village and Schaumburg, which enacted ordinances to restrict all housing options for illegal migrants, citing community and health concerns. Other suburbs like Oak Parks took a different approach and committed $1 million in federal and state COVID-19 funds to house illegal migrants in hotels. Village President Vicki Scaman believes “this action” is the best way to address “this humanitarian crisis.”

In a statement, Chicago Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson said he’s planning to relocate almost 1,600 illegal migrants from police stations to some camps where they could stay there as long as needed. The radical-leftist politician said that while his administration is “struggling” to tackle the issue, he claimed he inherited the migrant crisis that Chicago is currently experiencing from former Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Johnson also suggested she didn’t do what it was needed to prevent the problem from escalating.

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