Danish Cops Thwart Hamas Plan to Attack Civilians

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Danish police arrested on December 14 three suspected members of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Copenhagen and accused them of plotting a strike against Jewish targets in Denmark and different countries across Europe. Following their arrests, German federal prosecutors also informed that German police arrested other three suspected Hamas terrorists in Berlin, as they were preparing a weapons cache in the capital city to use it against Jewish institutions.

Danish police refused to clarify whether the three suspects they arrested had any links with the other three arrested in Germany. During a press conference, the head of Denmark’s PET intelligence service Flemming Drejer said that the group was plotting “an act of terror.” He also told local reporters that there were “ramifications” that involved not only other nations but also organized crime. Drejer added that while he cannot give “too many details,” many other “suspects that are currently abroad” could be implicated in the plot that the Danish police thwarted.

In a statement, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the goal of the terrorist attack that “Denmark’s security forces thwarted” was to kill as many innocent civilians as possible. He also said that Hamas is currently one of the main threats to the domestic security of some European countries, as the terrorist group has been “working relentlessly” to expand its operations abroad.

Drejer explained that the PET put the threat level against the Scandinavian nation at four on its five-point threat scale. While police increased their presence all across Copenhagen, the PET’s chief told reporters that the capital city is now “safe.”

In another press conference, Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that “what happened today” shows the world the situation that “Denmark is currently in.” She also said that all Danes have noted over the last few years that many people who live in the country are not only against Danish’s freedom and democracy but also don’t “wish us well.”

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