DeSantis Hires Laid-Off Campaign Staffers

( – According to an Axios August 3 report, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign team rehired some staffers that were recently fired from jobs with the state. Sources familiar with the matter told the media outlet that DeSantis’ chief of staff James Uthmeier communicated with some former campaign staffers about working for him. Axios revealed three of them were eventually hired.

Apparently, this effort came after the campaign manager Generra Peck decided to fire nearly three dozen campaign staffers. Different media outlets reported she took this step to cut costs and increase reliance on the pro-DeSantis “Never Back Down” PAC, to champion the Florida Governor’s early and expensive presidential bid.

In its report, Axios suggested there could be a conflict of interest in Uthmeier’s invitation to these campaign staffers to start working for him. It also suggested a potential taxpayer-funded stashing of campaign operatives, which could eventually lead to legal issues for different members of DeSantis’ team, including his chief of staff. However, Axios pointed there have been similar cases in numerous presidential campaigns.

Different sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the media outlet they had emails from DeSantis’ office encouraging these former campaign staffers to look for a job in Uthmeier’s office. Axios noted that the Florida Governor and his chief of staff didn’t respond to numerous requests for comments.

Two of the three rehired campaign staffers were social media expert Will Chamberlain and his wife Jordan Chamberlain. Axios reported that Will Chamberlain has been one of the most important conservative influencers on social media, especially during the time he was working with the Trump administration. Many even credit him for being the one who made the #stopthesteal hashtag go viral in November 2020.

Axios said legal experts believe this situation might bring some problems for DeSantis campaign shortly. They told the media outlet that federal law restricts any former campaign staffer from joining a political action committee for at least 4 months after leaving the campaign.

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