DeSantis Takes Aim at Local Prosecutors

courtroom interior tables and chairs of defense and prosecution, Wyandot County Courthouse, Upper Sandusky, OH May 29, 2018, filming location for Shawshank Redemption

( – Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis threatened on August 21 to target prosecutors across the United States if he believes they aren’t properly enforcing laws. The Republican leader delivered his threat through a video he posted on his Twitter account, where he was speaking at a rally and telling the audience he will probably “crack down” if he wins the 2024 presidential election.

In the rally, the Florida Governor accused prosecutors of thinking it’s a “mistake” to pursue criminals who rob Americans on “the street” or even break into people’s houses. He added that the inevitable result of this reality has been criminals gaining control, safety declining, and people “fleeing the cities.”

The Republican presidential candidate then boasted about removing two prosecutors in his state. In the most recent instance, DeSantis claimed the prosecutor was being too soft on criminals. In another case, he fired a prosecutor who said he wouldn’t enforce Florida’s criminal states on abortion.

In the rally, DeSantis said he removed “both of them” from their posts as soon as he noticed these attitudes and stances. He also noted that he won’t let prosecutors “get away with this” in the United States, and pointed out that no country will be successful if its urban areas are a “hellhole.”

The Florida Governor then said that to make this happen, he will make sure prosecutors enforce the laws and uphold citizens’ civil rights once he becomes president. Finally, he promised that groups like Black Lives Matter will never “burn down” large areas of American cities again.

While all polls show DeSantis as the second-most popular candidate in the Republican Party, experts believe he should have already gained momentum and started cutting distance with former President Donald Trump. Different reports revealed that members of his campaign hoped this could start happening after the first two primary debates. However, some of his potential tactics for these debates were leaked on August 17.

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