Don’t Let the War in Israel Distract You from Biden

( – According to an October 8 op-ed piece published by writer Susan Duclos, Americans are committing a mistake by paying too much attention to the war in Israel and taking their attention away from what the Biden administration is doing in the country. She explained this is something that benefits the “Biden regime,” considering some actions it has taken over the last few months and the way these affect the American democracy.

Duclos pointed out one of these was the FBI’s decision to create a new category to target the former president and opposition leader Donald Trump and his supporters. The FBI seems to want to blame Trump and his followers for future acts of domestic terrorism and violence. Duclos was referring to the bureau’s latest report, which concluded that numerous sociopolitical developments in the country will “almost certainly” lead to many US domestic terrorists engaging in violence. Some reporters and political analysts said this report was targeting Trump, as the FBI described as “sociopolitical developments” the impact of the Capitol riots, as well as “narratives of fraud” regarding recent electoral events.

Duclos added that the armed conflict between Israel and Palestine could make Americans stop focusing on how the Biden administration tried to limit freedom of speech by coercing and colluding with some platforms to censor online. She also suggested that President Joe Biden could take advantage of the war, as this will divert attention from the migrant crisis and the rise in crime that many American cities are experiencing.

In another part of the article, Duclos noted this situation has been happening since the war in Ukraine started, and could get worse over the next few months. She said that the Biden administration has played a major role in these two armed conflicts, as it has sent billions of dollars to Kyiv and it recently unfroze Iran’s funds, which could have been used to finance terrorist group Hamas.

At the end of the article, the writer explained that while the conflict in Israel needs to be covered as it’s definitely newsworthy, Americans can’t get distracted from the problems at home, just one year before the presidential election.

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