Gee! Could “Bidenomics” Be Backfiring?

( – According to different reports published on September 29 and October 1, many Democrats are worried that President Joe Biden’s constant use of the term “Bidenomics” could have been a serious mistake. Some media outlets have pointed out that many Americans believe the economy is not in good shape and noted that some Democratic leaders are afraid that voters could associate that with the commander-in-chief.

As reported by Axios, the decision of President Biden’s reelection campaign to brand the economy under his name “is looking” like a major error that failed to properly understand the American public’s “pessimism” about the economy. This media outlet pointed out that even when there have been some positive economic trends over the last few months, Americans’ overall perception is that the country’s economy is not doing well.

Axios also noted that even when inflation has been partially controlled and unemployment is in low numbers, prominent Democratic leaders are openly criticizing the strategy of President Biden’s campaign. They argued the campaign is denying the economic reality of most Americans, and claimed this is something that Republican candidate and former President Donald Trump could capitalize in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 presidential election. A former spokesman for First Lady Jill Biden named Michae LaRosa said the president never understood the endgame behind branding an economy in “your name” when this one hasn’t shown a full recovery yet.

According to a Politico report, even some of the most trusted Democratic allies believe that President Biden and his campaign committed a “serious misstep” by selling a false “improving economy” under this banner. The media outlet pointed out that people familiar with the backchanneling revealed that some of these allies have raised concerns about the phrase to some top White House officials and members of the campaign.
Nevada Democratic Representative Steven Horsford told Politico that the campaign needs to do a “better job framing.

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