Hunter Biden Allegedly Hired PR Firms to Edit Wikipedia Pages

( – According to emails from Hunter Biden‘s laptop archive, which were revealed on August 15, the president’s son hired public relations firms to edit his Wikipedia page. Apparently, he and the PR firm focused on the entry related to Ukraine’s energy company Burisma to make it seem more favorable for President Joe Biden’s son.

Different reports revealed that Hunter Biden and business associates also worked with different PR firms to emphasize his work with the World Food Program on his Wikipedia page. Email exchanges found on his laptop showed he and his associates took this step to counter the information that was being spread online about Burisma and Hunter Biden.

Other emails showed that the president’s son and his partners worked with FTI Consulting to assist the Ukrainian company with its PR strategy in May 2014. This happened after Hunter Biden was officially appointed to Burisma’s executive board, where he was getting paid $80,000 per month.

The emails revealed that following a meeting with FTI Consulting, the company’s executive director Vadim Pozharskyi emailed Hunter Biden along with FTI’s consultant Ryan Toohey and Burisma’s board executive Devon Archer. Pozharskyi wanted to discuss with all of them what would be the company’s PR strategy from that moment.

As noted in email exchanges between Hunter Biden and Pozharskyi, one of the main points about this strategy was Burisma’s Wikipedia page. According to these emails, the executive director told President Joe Biden’s son that he was doing “some digging” about different “Wikipedia entries” to include.

As reported by independent journalist Lee Fang, Hunter Biden was working at that time with Erich Schwerin, who was the president of his investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. Apparently, the president’s son hired Schwerin to improve his image

Some other emails also revealed that Hunter Biden instructed Toohey to edit some parts of his Wikipedia page that were linking him to criminal Allen Stanford. He was convicted by US authorities in 2012 for planning a billionaire Ponzi scheme.

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