Ingraham Calls Biden a Pathological Liar

( – Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticized US President Joe Biden on August 22 over his visit to the Hawaiian island of Maui. She even called the commander-in-chief a “pathological liar” before ripping his discussion of a fire that took place in his home back in 2004.

Ingraham’s comments came after residents of the islands criticized the president’s response to the deadly wildfire that killed over 100 people and destroyed numerous buildings in Lahaina town. The commander-in-chief has declined to comment on the tragedy in Maui on many occasions, including one instance when he was in Delaware vacationing.

In her segment, Ingraham said that the president “finally” paused his relaxing vacation in Lake Tahoe, where he was staying in the $18 million mansion of liberal investor Tom Steyer, to visit Maui. She then blasted the mainstream media for failing to scrutinize the president after seeing how he addressed people’s suffering on the Hawaiian island, after what she referred to as the “worst fire” in the country’s history.

After that, the Fox News host pointed out that President Biden made a mistake by claiming he knew how Maui residents felt, pointing out he almost lost his home in a 2004 fire. Ingraham said this was “heartless” as what happened in the president’s home back then was a minor blaze in his kitchen that was extinguished in less than 20 minutes.

Ingraham then noted that President Biden wanted to show compassion by mentioning how he almost lost his “fancy car” and his “cat.” She said this was insulting as 115 Americans died, and nearly 1000 people are still missing after the disaster.

Finally, the Fox News host said that the Democratic leader wasn’t only a “pathological liar” but also a president with “magical powers,” as he claimed back when he was in Washington, DC, having an interview with “Meet the Press.” After that, she noted that the commander-in-chief seemed to fall asleep at another point during his Maui trip.

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