Maher Endorses Ramaswamy — Sort Of

( – HBO host Bill Maher praised Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy during an August 20 episode of the comedian’s “Club Random” podcast. Maher told the conservative businessman he’s funny, a “good talker,” and a very “likable guy.” He also told Ramaswamy he’s one of the few politicians in the United States who is “alarming” and “disarming.”

In an hour-long discussion, Maher and Ramaswamy talked about different topics, such as the current situation of former President Donald Trump, the Biden administration, and the state of the US economy. While they disagreed and even clashed at certain moments, Maher complimented Ramaswamy on different occasions.

At one moment, Maher told the GOP candidate that one of his main advantages as a politician was to be young and an “attractive-looking” man. The comedian then said that many Americans don’t like Trump or President Joe Biden because both of them are “geriatrics” unlike him.

Ramaswamy responded that he always feels surprised every time he thinks that Trump and President Biden are “over twice” his age. Maher then jokingly told the conservative businessman that he’s “got color” in his face, pointing out it wasn’t “ghostly” or “orange.”

When talking about Ramaswamy’s age, Maher told him he has a “great amount of energy” at his 38 years and that he’s a “super smart” Republican leader. However, the HBO host said that the only thing that alarmed him about Ramaswamy was that he didn’t have the proper “wisdom” about certain topics.

In the last part of the interview, the GOP candidate told the liberal comedian that he was the best candidate that the Republican Party could choose. Ramaswamy said he truly believes this as he considers himself a president who could unify the country after so many years of polarization.

On this matter, Maher responded that while he believes that Ramaswamy is a smart and “personable guy,” half of the United States won’t accept him unless he “softens on Trump.” He added that “the path” for him to have real chances is decoupling from the former commander-in-chief.

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