Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Has a BIG Problem

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a Politico December 12 report, the lawyer of former President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is in trouble as he allegedly cited some bogus court cases to reduce Cohen’s three-year probation period. The media outlet said that a filing not only showed what lawyer David Schwartz did, but also pointed out that his actions could eventually result in sanctions for him if he can’t provide copies of each of the cases.

The report noted that Schwartz cited some district court rulings that he said were affirmed by the Second Circuit Court and purportedly allowed for the early termination of a probationary period. However, the Southern District of New York’s District Court said that none of the cases exist.

The filing revealed that a clerk for the US Court of Appeals for the Second District confirmed there wasn’t even a record of the three decisions that Schwartz cited. Cohen’s lawyer now has until December 19 to formally provide different copies of the decisions he cited to the court. If he’s unable to do it, he will have to prove in writing not only the reasons why he shouldn’t be sanctioned but also how he ended up referencing the purportedly nonexistent cases. While the court waits for his correspondence, every proceeding related to Cohen’s motion to be released early will be officially paused.

Cohen’s case started in August 2018 when he admitted that Trump asked him to coordinate different payments to two women in exchange for their silence about interactions with him during his first presidential campaign. He has been out of prison on supervised release since 2021, which his lawyers are now trying to end. Schwartz has been working as his counsel and spokesperson since the first days of his legal battle.

Cohen is currently one of the main witnesses of New York Attorney General Tish James’ civil case against Trump, where she accuses him of falsifying his net worth to get better financial deals from different financial institutions.

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