North Korea Condemns UN Human Rights Meeting

( – The North Korean regime denounced on August 15 US-led plans for an open United Nations’ Security Council reunion on its human rights record as “despicable.” The so-called Hermit Kingdom also said that these plans from the Biden administration are only aimed at achieving the White House’s “geopolitical ambitions.”

In a statement, North Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister Kim Son Gyong said that the United States was currently a “declining power.” He also said it was hypocritical for Washington to talk about human rights, as he said the Western nation is the “anti-people empire of evils.” Gyong then said that the United States is a “totally depraved” country that is currently dealing with different “social evils.”

The United States, which will hold the Security Council presidency of the UN this month, scheduled a reunion on human rights in North Korea. This will be the first open council meeting on North Korea’s issues on this matter since 2017. Last week, US Ambassador to the UN Lina Thomas-Greenfield said during a press conference that the UN’s independent human rights investigator in North Korea Elizabeth Salmon will brief council members.

Flanked by ambassadors from Japan, South Korea, and Albania, Thomas-Greenfield said that the UN’s Security Council “must address” the abuses, the crimes, and the horrors committed by the North Korean regime. She added that North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un was committing these acts not only against his “own people” but also against South Koreans and Japanese.

Responding to Gyong’s remarks, spokesman for the US Mission to the UN Nate Evans said that the human rights violations committed by Pyongyang go against UN Charter’s principles. He also said these violations and abuses are directly connected to the regime’s “unlawful” ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.

In a statement to news agency The Associated Press, Evans also noted that people in North Korea are “suffering.” He added that the communist regime doesn’t care about its people as it invests a “large share” of its resources and budget in weapons development.

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