Paws of War Attempts to Rescue Marine’s Puppy

( – Staff Sergeant Philip Bailey is looking for help from Paws of War to bring home a dog he met while deployed overseas.

Bailey, along with other members of the U.S. Marines, met two stray dogs that appeared to share a Romeo and Juliet love story. Giving the dogs the names Romeo and Juliet, the two dogs became the mascots of the base. However, Juliet went missing one day in an area that is known to be dangerous for dogs. Not wanting to see Romeo end up with the same fate, Bailey reached out to the organization Paws of War for help bringing Romeo to the United States to live with Bailey’s family in California.

Bailey stated that he was “haunted by the fact that I didn’t know what happened to Juliet.” Bailey stated that the organization Paws of War, which is helping get Romeo to the United States, is coming through. Bailey added that he does not believe Romeo would be able to survive there on his own.

Paws of War co-founder Robert Misseri stated that it is both “difficult and costly” to bring a dog to the United States from overseas. Misseri stated that the organization is “doing everything we can to reunite these two.” Military members are not charged for the rescue of the animals.

Operating worldwide since 2014, Paws of War helps members of the military save the animals they rescue while they are deployed overseas. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Paws of War also rescues and trains dogs as service dogs, as well as providing veterans with companion animals. The organization also helps veterans with suicide prevention, food insecurity, veterinary care and more. More information about the organization, which relies solely on donations, can be found on their website, Balley and Romeo’s story is currently featured on their site as one of their current missions.

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