Pence Calls Trump Lawyers “Crackpots”

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence said on August 2 he had “hoped” that the judgment of former president Donald Trump’s actions to allegedly overturn the 2020 election would’ve been left to “the people.” During a speech in Indianapolis, the presidential candidate said he disagrees with the Department of Justice’s decision to indict Trump over this issue. However, he blasted the former commander-in-chief, as he accused him of surrounding himself with “crackpot lawyers” that only tell him what he wants to hear. Pence also said he clashed with the former president after he told him he would respect the Constitution, but Trump demanded him to “choose” his presidential figure above anything else. The former vice president then said he believes that no one who puts himself over the American Constitution should be president of the United States.

Over the last few weeks, Pence has emerged as a major figure in the DOJ’s investigation of the Capitol riots. Different reports revealed that one of the main aspects of the charges against Trump was his attempt to persuade the former vice president to block the certification of their presidential election defeat. The indictment against the former commander-in-chief mentions Pence’s vice-presidential role over 100 times.

In another part of his speech, Pence told the crowd he will always stand “on the Constitution,” adding that the Supreme Law of the Land is “more important” than any man. Pence then accused Trump of lying, as he claimed that everything that the former president has repeatedly said after the 2020 presidential election is “completely false.”

Speaking to reporters after the fair, Pence said he wouldn’t comment on the indictment’s merits, pointing out that authorities needed to determine if what Trump did was a crime. The former vice president also defended his support for Republican lawmakers’ objections during the counting of presidential electors in 2021. He explained he had concerns about “voting irregularities” that took place in numerous states across the country.

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