Pence Hopes Hunter’s Special Counsel Remains Unbiased

( – Presidential candidate and former Vice President Mike Pence welcomed on August 13 the new Hunter Biden Special Counsel David Weiss and hoped he remains unbiased. During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Republican leader accused federal law enforcement of pushing a “political agenda” during the Trump administration. He also promised to “clean house” on the top floor of the Department of Justice if he wins the presidential election.

When asked about Weiss, Pence said he feels hopeful that the new special counsel could “do his job” without political pressure. He then said he trust Republican congressmen James Comer and Jim Jordan in their investigation of Hunter Biden’s federal probe.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on August 11 Weiss’ appointment as the new Special Counsel in Hunter’s Biden probe, after he requested that he be given that title. When host Chuck Todd asked Pence if he approved that decision, the former Vice President said he supported the DOJs investigation into President Joe Biden’s son. However, he criticized the agency under the previous administration.

The presidential candidate said that the DOJ undermined Americans’ confidence in “equal treatment under the law” because of the way it acted during the Trump administration. He also said that the United States needs a new commander-in-chief, as he blamed President Biden for weakening the country “at home and abroad.”

Weiss was appointed by former President Donald Trump in 2018 to serve as the United States attorney in Delaware. According to his DOJ biography, he previously served as the interim and acting attorney in that state along with the first assistant US attorney.

He’s among the handful of attorneys held over when President Biden officially took office. Garland explained that Weiss will remain in that position while assuming his new special counsel role. Different reports pointed out that US attorneys usually act as the chief prosecutors for their area. Weiss is the third special counsel that Garland appoints, after Robert Hurd and Jack Smith.

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