Prague Investigators Scramble after Mass Shooting

( – According to a New York Times December 22 report, Czech Republic’s police still don’t know why Prague’s mass shooter went from being a “standout” student with no criminal record to the perpetrator of the country’s bloodiest mass shooting. The gunman, who was identified as David K, killed a father and his baby daughter on December 15 in the Klanovice Forest. He eventually killed 14 more innocents and wounded more than 20 at Charles University, where he was studying world history.

The liberal newspaper pointed out the Czech authorities not only have no clues about the reasons behind the incident but also don’t know how David K amassed such a “large armory” and even stashed weapons in the university Faculty of Arts building. The Times pointed out those two details are “crucial,” as the Czech Republic is not only one of the most serene cities in Europe but also a nation with strict gun control laws.

Various reports noted that the Czech police scrutinized eight additional online threats of copycat attacks. While national leaders from all parties also claimed that the nation needed to prevent future gun violence, most of them refused to offer details about how to do it.

Prague region’s police chief Petr Matejcek told the Times that while he understands the criticism from many public figures in the Czech Republic, it was impossible for police officers to prevent the slaughter at Charles University. He also dismissed claims by some politicians that radical gun control laws may have prevented the tragedy from happening. Matejcek explained that he and the police would conduct an in-depth investigation into whether the national system failed or whether it was all caused by “individual failures.” The police added that the university shooter legally owned nine different weapons.

While the police still can’t establish a motive for the gunman’s shooting at Charles University, they ruled out any type of connection to domestic or international terrorist groups and any radical political organization.

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