Presidential Contender Suggests Joe’s Image is Tainted

( – Democratic Representative Dean Phillips, who is considering a presidential bid, said on August 13 that the investigation against Hunter Biden has compromised President Joe Biden’s image. During an interview at NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Phillips said he doesn’t think that the president is corrupt, and noted that the Department of Justice’s probe against his son “will show that.”

However, he said that this situation would probably affect President Biden’s popularity because of the way this will harm his “image.” Phillips, who could challenge the commander-in-chief in the Democratic presidential nomination, said this could happen no matter if he’s innocent. He explained that Americans are currently living in an era of extreme “partisanship” where the simple “attachment” to his son will make people believe he was involved in Hunter Biden’s possible crimes.

When asked about President Biden’s presidential bid, the Democratic representative reiterated his belief that he shouldn’t run for re-election next year. While Phillips suggested President Biden is a weak candidate that could affect the party’s chances to maintain the White House, he said he respects him.

Phillips claimed that, like most Democrats, he “adore(s) Joe Biden,” because of the way he “saved this country” by winning the 2020 presidential election. He told host Chuck Todd this was important as the victory prevented former President Donald Trump from continuing in office for four more years.

After that, Phillips explained that his “real call to action” is not about him but to ask President Biden to step aside and “pass the torch” to another Democratic candidate. Todd then asked the representative who he would like to see challenging President Biden, to which Phillips responded “A moderate governor.” He explained it would be preferable that this governor is from one of the “four states” that the Democratic Party needs to win the presidential election.

This isn’t the first Phillips as opposed to a second term for President Biden. During a 2022 interview at the WCCO’s “The Chad Hartman Show,” the representative said he disagreed with President Biden’s decision to run for reelection. He also said the country needed a new generation of Democrats to “step up.”

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