Proposed HHS Rule Would Remove Children from Foster Homes

( – The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released on September 27 proposed a new rule that would require every state in the country to “transfer” foster children from those families that refuse to support their “gender identity.” A copy of the rule showed that foster children will only be assigned to those families that the HHS categorizes as “safe and suitable placements.” As outlined in the rule, families would now be obliged to respect and use the child’s “selected name” or even “specified pronoun.”

In accordance with the proposed regulation, “safe” families will undergo comprehensive training so they can meet all children’s requirements. It also pointed out that foster children will only be relocated from those households that don’t embrace their “self-identified gender identity and expression,” following a thorough investigation.

In the proposed rule, the HHS wrote that when a so-called “LGBTQ youth” reports feeling that their placement is somehow unsuitable or unsafe, the agency will respond with a sense of “great urgency.” The HHS pointed out that it will act immediately if the youth report cases of bullying, harassment, or any type of discrimination related to their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The rule also clarified that foster parents will be found guilty of “abuse” or “neglect” in case they “retaliate” against the child for their “gender identity.” This will include cases when the foster parents somehow restrict the child’s full access to “health care supportive of their gender expression and sexual orientation.” It also shows that foster families will be required to help the child go through the proper sex-change surgeries or even allow them to consume puberty blockers. The rule clarifies this includes children younger than 14.

Further, the rule emphasized that those families who have any type of objection to engaging in gay relationships or changing genders because of their religious belief, won’t be allowed to foster LGBTQ children. The rule details that these families can’t be considered a “safe placement” for the child.

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