Prosecutors Seek Justice For Murdered Texas Mother

( – The all-female prosecution team is vowing to get justice in the case against Joel Pellot, who is charged with killing his wife, Maria Muñoz, 31.

The Webb County, Texas, Chief Assistant District Attorney Marisela Jacaman, is working with the chief assistant prosecutor for the 406th district court Ana Karen Garza Gutierrez, and assistant District Attorney Karina Rios and District Attorney Cristal Caldero to prosecute the case.

Pellot, who worked as a nurse anesthetist, was charged in January 2021 with the Sept. 22, 2020, killing of his wife and mother of the couple’s two sons.

On the morning of Sept. 22, 2020, Officer Gregorio De La Cruz responded to a 911 call from Pellot, who told De La Cruz and the 911 operator that Muñoz had been “super depressed lately” and may have taken some pills. She was declared dead after numerous failed attempts to revive her. At the scene, De La Cruz and investigators found suspicious items such as a syringe wrapper, a needle and a medical bag with IV equipment. A pinprick mark, the type someone would get after getting an IV, was also found in Muñoz’s right elbow crease.

An autopsy revealed that her manner of death was undetermined but that she died from a mixed drug intoxication, and there was no residue from the pill clonazepam found in her stomach. Four months after her death, the toxicology results came, which revealed there were seven different drugs in her system, and one could only be administered using an IV. Pellot was then arrested and charged with her murder.

Evidence in the case includes Muñoz’s daily journals, which provided investigators with information about her life in the months leading up to her death. Jacaman, who was interviewed by “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty for “The Journals of Maria Muñoz,” said the journals showed “her character, her personality, her struggles.” The prosecution team states that the journals help in their case to get justice for Munoz.

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