Russia Receives Artillery from North Korea

( – According to a CBS October 5 report, a Biden administration official told the media outlet that the North Korean regime has officially started to transfer artillery to Russia. It remains unclear whether this transfer is the beginning of a long-term supply chain between Pyongyang and Moscow, or what North Korea could receive in return for the artillery. The report came a couple of hours after the US Justice Department announced that the White House had delivered a cache of ammunition seized from the Iranian regime to Ukraine.

Pyongyang’s support for Russia seems to belp;= the culmination of the summit that took place in September in the Russian capital when communist tyrant Kim Jong-Un traveled by train to meet President Vladimir Putin in person. In that meeting, Kim told the Russian leader that he could count on his regime’s “unconditional support” for his nation’s “sacred fight” against Ukraine.

Different reports pointed out that the North Korean tyrant was expected to ask Putin for food and cash, in exchange for his full support for the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. Some media outlets reported that Kim was also expected to ask for space technology and weapons.

As reported by CBS, a senior South Korean official told the media outlet that a couple of weeks before the summit, Seoul was deeply concerned that Kim could be interested in acquiring Russian technology to build nuclear-powered submarines. This official said that the North Korean dictator would be able to threaten the entire world if Pyongyang and Moscow’s bilateral ties deepened.

The cache of ammunition of the Iranian regime that the US transferred to Ukraine involves over 1 million 7.62mm rounds, which can be used in both rifles and machine guns. These bullets were seized in 2022 by the US Navy from a ship that was heading from Tehran to Yemen. The Iranian regime is one of the main supporters of Houthi rebel forces, which are one of the main factions of Yemen’s civil war.

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