Russia’s Shahed-136 Drones Receive Massive Upgrade

( – Ukrainian officials revealed on September 28 that the Russian military is increasing its attacks with Shahed-136 drones, and is currently using a weapons upgrade that includes warheads equipped with tungsten balls. In his Telegram channel, the Ukrainian Air Forces said that the Russian armed forces attacked with 45 Shaheds drones, with 35 of them being destroyed in the air. According to a Reuters report, this has been the largest number of Shaheds drones that Russia has used in a military strike against Ukrainian targets since the invasion started in 2022.

On his Telegram channel Mykolaiv Oblast Governor Vitalli Kim said this was “a record,” and noted that he has received information about future attacks with these aircraft. He also said that he and those who live in this Ukrainian province will keep resisting and fighting against “Russian invaders.”

During a televised speech, Ukraine’s Air Force spokesperson Yuri Ignat said that the Russian armed forces are using these types of drones “more intensively. He also explained this situation represents a “new challenge” for the Ukrainian military, as the Kremlin is using new models and now has the chance of manufacturing its own Shahed drone with numerous upgrades. Ignat pointed out that the Russian armed forces will use these drones to deploy airstrikes against energy infrastructure in the near future, but noted that the Ukrainian Air Force will be ready to properly respond.

According to different reports, Russia has been using these drones to conduct raids across numerous port facilities in Ukraine, including the ones on the Danube River and the Black Sea. Many civilians have been killed in these raids, which have also damaged port facilities.

In a press conference, a representative of Ukraine’s Center for the Research of Trophy and Prospective Weapons and Military Equipment named Andriy Rudyk said that the new models that Ignat mentioned are more lethal. He explained these new models not only have new warheads but also have new bodies, servomotors, batteries, and engines.

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