Trump Campaign Delivers Bird Cage to Haley

( – Former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign delivered a bag of seeds and a birdcage to the hotel room of former South Carolina Governor and presidential candidate Nikki Haley on October 1. The campaign took this action after Trump referred to his primary opponent as a “birdbrain” on his Truth Social account.

Following the second GOP primary debate, which he didn’t attend, the former commander-in-chief blasted Haley on this social media platform for falsely praising him. She told the public that she would never run against “our great President,” and pointed out that Trump has done an “outstanding job.”

To these words, the former president ironically wrote it was nice of Haley to deliver these words. However, he said he knows these meant nothing and even revealed a moment when she allegedly went to his Florida mansion Mar-a-Lago with her family, bearing some “gifts.” Trump then called Haley a “Birdbrain” and said she doesn’t have the “temperament” or “talent” to become the president of the United States and deliver a good job to the American people.

After the Trump campaign delivered the bag of seeds and the birdcage to her hotel room, the former South Carolina governor shared a photo of these on her Twitter account. In the caption, she said that was the message “waiting for me” after campaigning for a day.

Different critics and Trump supporters blasted Haley in the responses, as they accused her of fabricating a hoax. However, The Messenger’s political journalist Marc Caputo said that the Trump campaign texted him to make sure that people in the media were aware of what they did.

Caputo wrote on his Twitter account that the Trump campaign sent him the text message at 1:30 am and even showed them a photo of the birdcage in front of the presidential candidate’s hotel room. While The Messenger even published a story about this incident, he said that some Trump supporters also suggested on Twitter he fell “for a hoax.”

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