Trumps Team is Clear: No Plea Deal

( – Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer John Lauro said on August 6 he wouldn’t accept any plea deal related to the federal Capitol riots’ case. In that one, the former commander-in-chief has been charged with four federal counts connected to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 US presidential election.

During an interview at CBS’ “Face the Nation,” host Major Garrett asked Trump’s lawyer if there was currently “any condition” under which the Republican leader would accept a plea deal. Lauro responded that, under the latest charges brought against the former president, there was no condition where he would accept it right now.

In another part of the interview, Garrett asked Lauro if he was going to file a motion for the case dismissal. While Trump’s lawyer said he will “absolutely” take this step, he didn’t answer when he would do it. However, he emphasized there was a “hundred percent” certainty that the legal team will do it within “the time permitted.”

Lauro also told Garrett that Trump was being a victim of a “Swiss cheese indictment.” He explained this was a case with so many “holes” that the legal team is going to identify and litigate numerous motions that are going to be filed on “First Amendment grounds.” Trump’s lawyer also noted they are going to take this step, based on “the fact” that the GOP presidential candidate is immune as president from receiving this type of prosecution.

When asked about previous similar cases in the United States, Lauro said these have never gone to trial before “two or three years.” The lawyer also told the CBS host that he and the legal will make efforts to change the venue, pointing out that West Virginia would be an “excellent” one to try the case.

Finally, Lauro explained that the former president’s comments about the unfairness of the judge overseeing his case were made in the context “of a campaign.”

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