Ukraine Claims to Have Captured a Russian Commander

( – Ukraine’s Armed Forces announced on October 9 that their troops captured a commander from the Russian army during a fight in the city of Bakhmut. On its Telegram account, the 3rd Assault Brigade said that Ukrainian fighters nabbed the Russian Algav Volunteer Battalion leader. This faction of the Russian Armed is a branch the 72nd Motor Rifle Brigade.

The capture takes place after the government of President Volodymyr announced incremental gains in the Ukrainian army’s counteroffensive operation, which main goal is to recover Russia-occupied territories. In his Telegram channel, the Ukrainian Armed Forces show the moment when Ukrainian soldiers capture the Russian commander. The footage shows the soldiers moving the wounded commander into the ruins of a building to give him water.

According to the translation provided by the pro-Ukraine Twitter account “War Translated,” the Russian commander tells the Ukrainian troops that he entered Bakhmut in the morning hours with 120 men. When asked about the state of his troops, the Russian commander said that most of his men “died.”

Bakhmut is one of the main industrial cities in Ukraine and has been under Russian occupation since May, following numerous battles won by Russia’s mercenary group Wagner. Since launching its counteroffensive operations, the Ukrainian army has been closing in on Russia’s forces in the eastern region. Some of the victories include the reclaim of numerous key villages located in the southern region of this city.

On October 8, Ukraine’s General Staff of the Armed Forces said in a statement that Ukrainian troops had a “partial success” in advancing to the northeastern regions of Andriivka. This is one of the main villages in Southern Bakhmut, which Kyiv reclaimed in September.

On October 4, General commander of Ukraine’s ground forces Oleksandry Syrskyi said that the Russian military had been dealing with “intense losses” during fights in Bakhmut, including six armored tanks in less than a day. In its Telegram account, the 3rd Assault Brigade pointed out that the Russian commander -whose name wasn’t released- was one of the senior officers “of the Russian occupiers.”

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