WaPo Columnist Turns Back on Joe Biden

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen wrote on August 22 that President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings needs a “serious investigation.” His remarks came as a surprise as he has downplayed this case in previous opportunities. However, Olsen said in his latest column that even when he has “dismissed” previous stories regarding the president’s son, he changed his mind after “recent revelations.”

In the opinion piece, Olsen said that authorities need to conduct a thorough investigation of the commander-in-chief’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s corrupt activities, following the latest evidence of the case. He added that the recent testimony from the president’s son and former business partner Devon Archer, as well as claims that President Biden used numerous aliases when dealing with Ukrainian policy, justify suspicion.

In another part of his column, Olsen wrote that even when these allegations don’t necessarily prove that the Democratic leader committed an illegal act, the claims raised serious questions. He said these only suggested that the president was fully aware of his son’s dealings overseas and wanted to keep him “in the loop.”

The Washington Post columnist also argued that while anyone could dismiss this case as access-peddling, only a full investigation would guarantee that nothing worse happened. He then explained that the real problem in this situation is the suggestion that President Biden was an “active partner” in his son’s business dealings during the time he was vice president.

Moreover, he pointed out that no one should raise any flag about Hunter Biden “selling access” to his father or the Democratic leader being part of meetings that his son invited him to attend. He said that even when these acts could be ethically and morally wrong, they aren’t illegal.

Finally, Olsen criticized the left and the mainstream media, as he said how different everything would be if the Trump family was involved. He said that if the former president and any of his “adult children” were involved in the same type of issue, the left’s “outcry” would be “deafening.”

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