Whistleblower Claims Pentagon Covered Discovery of “Non-human Biologics”

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A former US military intelligence officer testified under oath on July 26 in front of Congress lawmakers, revealing that the US Department of Defense has been covering up unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP). Retired Major David Grusch said this has been taking place over the last few years, noting he’s sure that the US government recovered “non-human biologics” from crash sites.

Grusch appeared before lawmakers from the national security subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee with two former US fighter pilots. They have been claiming for years that they and other pilots had some “clear” and “dangerous” firsthand experience with unidentified flying objects in the country.

During the hearing, South Carolina GOP Representative Nancy Mace asked if the government had crashed craft or the pilots’ bodies. When Grusch said that “biologics” “came with these recoveries,” Mace immediately asked if these were human. He responded “non-human,” adding that he prefers using this term rather than “extraterrestrial” or “alien.” 

In another part of the hearing, the former military intelligence officer said he had a meeting with the head of a government task force focused on UAPs in 2019. In that meeting, Grusch said he was asked to reveal every top-secret program related to the objectives of the task force. Grusch noted he was working at the US National Reconnaissance Office that year.

He told lawmakers that during his official duties, he was informed of a multi-decade reverse engineering program and UAP crash retrieval, but never got access to any of these. When asked whether the American government had official knowledge about alien life, Grusch said that the United States had information on “non-human” activities since the 1930s.

Additionally, the former military intelligence officer claimed he has been facing retaliation from the US government since he began revealing this information. Grush said that while he can’t detail the tactics used against him, he said these were “brutal” and “unfortunate,” noting there’s an ongoing investigation against him.

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