US Forces Will Soon Train Ukrainian Troops on M1A1 Tanks

( – According to an Inside Defense Tuesday report, a senior defense official revealed that the United States forces will commence its M1A1 Abrams tanks training operations for Ukrainian troops soon, in what many consider a significant move that could set a turning point in the Ukraine-Russia war.

The official pointed out that the tank training hasn’t begun since US military personnel are still making efforts on getting the proper equipment, which has taken longer than expected. However, the official explained that, despite this situation, the Ukrainian troops will start training with M1A1 Abrams tanks “relatively soon.”

In March, the Biden administration said it was planning to deliver 31 of these tanks to Ukraine by the beginning of this year’s fall. The announcement surprised numerous analysts in the United States and Europe, considering that the White House initially said it wouldn’t send these types of tanks to Ukraine, as many officials argued that these weapons were not only complicated but also quite costly for Ukrainians to properly repair and maintain in case these receive a significant amount of damage on the battlefield. However, White House officials eventually conceded and accepted a deal with the German government, in which Chancellor Olaf Scholz would approve the delivery of numerous Germany’s Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Over the last few weeks, the US and many of its European partners have coordinated to train Ukrainian troops as fast as possible, considering the large amount of new military equipment that many Western governments are sending to Ukraine.

In fact, the US Pentagon revealed last week that the American military has been training nearly 8,000 Ukrainian troops since the Russian regime decided to invade this country in 2022, in what many analysts have described as the most delicate moment that Europe has experienced since World War II. 

The United States and many of its allies are currently training nearly 12,000 Ukrainian soldiers across 26 different nations.

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